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Welcome to the Beauty Salon

Close your eyes, let yourself be carried away. In the beauty area of  Roi de Sicile Rivoli, our best efforts are made to make you feel wonderfully well.

Time for yourself, in a timeless cocoon.

Carefully designed, the two treatment rooms welcome the best of facial treatments, make-up, manicure, eye beauty and permanent make-up.

Reflecting the establishment’s spirit, and all the services offered by the Roi de Sicile, our team values tailor-made and personalised treatments: our beauty experts are at your disposal to adapt each treatment to your skin, as well as to your desires.


Made with a range of luxury products, our treatments combine high-tech cosmetics and relaxation, in an elegant and soothing setting.
Entirely dedicated to your well-being, the beauty salon Roi de Sicile will satisfy your most demanding beauty needs.



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